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“Interest in Nature in some form is almost universal.  Often people are unaware of it until it is by chance stimulated.”

Thornton W. Burgess




I was in my early twenties when introduced to birding by my future husband.  Along with that discovery came exposure to the magnificent naturalist artists who documented the world’s wonders—Audubon, Bierstadt, Catesby, Fuertes, Rungius.  


As a birder, I am drawn to explore diverse natural areas from desert to estuary, rainforest to tundra.  I’ve traveled through six continents and seen nearly a quarter of the world’s species of birds.  I’ve seen places that will be etched in my memory forever: the great mammal migration stretching across the plains of East Africa; the kaleidoscope of colorful sea life on the Great Barrier Reef; the dazzling clouds of butterflies when sun breaks through at Iguazu Falls.


I began plein-air painting as a child, filling sketchbooks with pastel drawings and watercolors of the Maine coast on family vacations.  I’ve lived in many parts of the US from the mid-west, to mid-Atlantic, New England, California and Hawaii.  For the past ten years, I’ve lived in Colorado.  In 2009, I began painting with the Plein Air Painters of Estes Park (PAPEP).  That year I also switched from watercolors to oil paints.  


Painting outdoors reinforces my connection to nature.  Now that I've moved back to Virginia, I am spending far more time near the ocean.  So look for seascapes on my site in the coming months.


Follow my blog, where I would like to engage in discussions of art and nature.


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