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Sunbirds - Oil


Wild Places - Studio Paintings

In my studio paintings, I strive to capture the essence of the wild places I have been around the globe. I aim for a harmonious composition that embodies the unique plants and animals that inhabit each wild place.   


Photo Gallery

I have put up photos from a 2012 bird trip to Peru.  Read my Blog for a day-by-day diary of traveling the Manu Road from the high Andes, through cloud forest to the Amazon basin.  


Wildlife Portraits are small paintings from photos I've taken or sketches I've made of wildlife that live as nearby as my backyard as well as in specialized habitats such as cloud forest and saltwater marsh.  These are often a prelude to a larger studio painting.


Plein Air Studies is a collection of my Plein Air paintings on location mainly in Colorado and Florida.  It is exhilarating to paint outdoors, and good practice too!